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Roman Festivals 05/16/2011
Did you know that Roman festivals are neuter plural 3rd declension i-stem nouns? :D

Lupercal 06/05/2010
One Festival which the Romans held around the time of St. Valentine's day was the Lupercalia. (engilsh: lupercal.) This was a festival of Fertility. The priests would sacrifice goats  and jump around waving strips of hide. Roman Women would hold out their hands because if they got hit by the hide, they would supposedly have a Baby that year. Pretty cool.
October Horse 01/26/2010
A rather odd festival held by the Romans was the festival of 'Equus October. It was held in honor of Mars. On the ides (15th) of October, a horse race took place  in the Campus Martius, the right side horse of the winning team was...(get your hankies ready)
Roman Festivals! 12/21/2009
Learn about the interesting, curious, and even bizarre Roman Festivals!
The Romans believed that the God Saturn, father of Jupiter, had cultivated Italy and taught the natives Agriculture in early times. Because of the warm Climate of Italy, the Romans had a biannual harvest, the second one occurring in mid-December. At this time, around December 17th, there was a Great Holiday. The Slave took his Master's place, people decorated their houses with Evergreens, they gave gifts to each other, wore fancy clothes, elected a "King" for the day, and ate all sorts of delicious unhealthy foods. (See, back then people weren't much different than today). When Christianity became the Religion of the Roman Empire, the custom of giving presents and decorating with evergreens kept on and today we keep up the tradition in the Christmas season.