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Finals Certamen 04/09/2011
Today was the VA State Finals Certamen.
So sad to think it was the last Certamen of the year! Lots of seniors were there at their last Certamen :'( 
Now I have to think of convention. July seems so far away. But April did way back in September, so I better get studying. :P

Virginia Certamen teams did pretty well. I was not on any of them.

Advanced level (Latin 3+): something like Fourth place, they ALMOST made it into the Finals, and did REALLY well. 

Novice level (1 and 1A or 1/2 and 1 whichever you call it): I think Eighth place, they were pretty new to the game, so they were nervous. But never fear, they will conquer next year!

New Question: 08/06/2010
What is a Marmota?
Answer 06/25/2010
New question 06/05/2010
Next Question: Who was the Servant of Eurystheus that relayed E.'s commands to Hercules because E. was terrified of the animals that H. brought back from his labors?
Answer 06/05/2010
The answer is: Litotes
New Question! 05/19/2010
What rhetorical device is illustrated in the following sentence from Catullus' Carmen XLIII:
Salve Nec Minimo Puella Naso!
The answer is: Tacitus and Naevius (i think!!!)
New Question! 03/20/2010
What two roman authors wrote works called 'Annales'?
Answer! 03/16/2010
sorry it didn't save my changes!
THe Answer is C)