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Here are some interesting tidbits that I learned today, both at the Certamen and through studying!
1. Augustus was born in the Palatine district of Rome.
2. Vaballathus was the son of Zenobia.
3. Pupienus was the name of an emperor.
4. During the war between Aeneas and the Latins, the nymph Juturna knocked Turnus' charioteer out of the chariot to keep T. from meeting Aeneas in single combat.
Just some random facts. Fun ones.

This past week has been a week of tests...NLE, CAV, and yesterday Medusa Myth. 
So glad it's Convention is approaching **hits head on table** and spring will go by just like winter did and I won't notice *sigh* 
That's how it is. Latina gubernat vitam meam. <--ita vero!
Ok, the most Random Latin Word I have ever learned: Alapilus! (literally arm hair)
So weird!
Oh Dear! Catullus is finished! I read the last Catullus poem in our textbook today! Wait, doesn't that mean I'm done with the book? What? Finished with the book that seemed so long back in September? AAH! WAAHH! :'( sniff sniff
The Thomas Jefferson High School For Science And Technology held their annual Certamen on Saturday and CCS did pretty well.
Mihi Nomen Est 02/11/2010
Mihi Nomen Novum est: Trisscar Swordmaid. Est Sciurus ab Libro De Rubrum-murum. (Pull out your dictionary)
Sorry 02/11/2010
Sorry I haven't edited this website for so long, please tell me if you have any ideas! and I will try to make it interesting, please give me ideas and please comment on the blogs
Ahem my friends 01/26/2010
Oh my friends, I hope none of you have Triskaidekaphobia. For I am turning thirteen in five days. If you do have Triskaidekaphobia, then I wish you a glad-to-be-rid-of-you goodbye! :P
This is a Crazy Mettius Fufetius Rap that my friend Jenna composed:
boom boom psh boom boom boom psh  
mettius fufettius! mettius fufettius!
don't mess with roman kings or you'll be halved,
like mettius fufettius blublettius momettius, fofettius moomettius
don't desert your king or you'll be DEAD
like mettius fufettius googettius kokettius, bobettius loolettius foofettius blooblettius momettius fufettius WORD!



    As you might have guessed from the name, this is a crazy random blog!