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Some of these are Really Random questions...just like me :)

Question 1: Who wrote a cookbook called Apicius de Re Coquinaria? (Apicius had written one a few centuries earlier)
Question 2: What are the colors of the Junior Classical League?
Question 3: How would a Roman address his fellow citizens?
Question 4: From what sickness did Julius Caesar suffer?

Question 5: What two verbs share the third and fourth principal parts: Sustuli, sublatum esse?

Question 6: What are the Latin words for "For a long time" and "For a short while"?

Question 7: What was the name of the Roman who pointed out to the Plebeians their error in seceding from Rome?

Question 8: What is the Greek derivative meaning "Fear of the Number Thirteen?

Question 9: What was the real name of Cicero's good friend Atticus?

Question 10: Who was Cicero's wife, the Mother of his beloved daughter Tullia?

Question 11: From what Latin adverb do we derive the adjective "Clandestine"?

Question 12: What is the Meaning of the Latin verb "Effervescere"?

Question 13: Who was the twentieth king of Rome?

Question 14: What Taylor Swift Album would the Romans have called: Sine Timore?

Question 15: Who was the Sabine who revolted against Rome and captured the Capitoline hill in 460 B.C.?

Question 16: What Consul was elected after the consul Valerius was killed recovering the Capitoline hill?

Question 17: What is the Latin word for Whale?

Question 18: What is the Latin word for Oak Tree?

Question 19: What were the Roman Seers who looked at the entrails of Animals to see the future called?

Question 20: What did Hephaestus give Hera to teach her a lesson for ignoring him when he fell from Olympus?

Question 21: Cicero made speeches 'Pro Milone" to defend a man named Milo on the charge of What?

Question 22: Was Milo Guilty?

Question 23: Distinguish between the Latin words Calumnia, Columna, and Columba.

Question 24: What was the name of Cincinnatus's wife?

Question 25: Who was the king of Alba Longa before Mettius Fufetius took over?

Question 26: What does the Latin word Fere mean?

Question 27: What was the name of Tiberius Gracchus's little sister?

Question 28: What young man served as a spy under the general  Marius in wars against the Northern Barbarians and was a very helpful because he could learn languages quickly and had red hair like a barbarian?

Question 29: What is the meaning of the Latin Word 'Minari'?

Question 30: What is the meaning of the Latin word 'Perniciosus-a-um'?
Question 31: What young General was a follower of the answer to question 28  and rid the Mediterranean of  pirates?

Question 32: What is the Modern equivalent of Garumna Flumen?

Question 33: Of Matrona Flumen?

Question 34: Of Sequana Flumen?

Question 35: Who literally bought the Roman Empire from the Praetorian Guard in 193 A.D.?

Question 36: What goddess was the patroness of the Roman Plebeians?

Question 37: What was a Lacerna?

Question 38: What were Maenianae?

Question 39: What Relation was Augustus to the emperor Claudius?

Question 40: What relation was Perseus to Hercules?

Question 41: What is the Latin root of the word mole as we use it in chemistry?

Question 42: What son of Jupiter and Electra was the founder of the Trojan Race and one of the reasons Juno hated troy? 

Question 43: What is the latin word at the root of KluKluxKlan? 

Question 44: What Author is known as the 'Christian Cicero?'

Question 45: What was the real name of the emperor Elegabalus?

Question 46: What is the Latin word for 'Pomegranate'?

Question 47: Whose severed head was used in a production of Euripides' Bacchae? 

Question 48: Who was the co-ruler of Constantine?

Question 49: What Silver Age Roman author wrote 'Silvae'? He is more famous for writing 2 epics, one left unfinished. 

Question 50: What is the meaning of the Latin word 'Lis'?

Question 51: What Roman author is supposed to be the first writer of a world history?

Question 52: What is the meaning of the Latin word Conger?

Question 53:...of the word Scomber?

Question 54: What was a cervical?

Question 55: What were genualia?

Question 56: What was a toral?

ok on numba 14 umm is it fearless or her hoilday one?


i mean 15


Look at the "Responsa" blog
Those are the answers


are these the questions you wrote for the ccs certames?


No, I'm keeping those a secret


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