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NJCl Convention is over! It was from July 27-Aug 2 and held at North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND. I took a sleeper train with my mom to Miwaulkee, WI, spent the night at my second cousins, and drove to Fargo. We picked up a friend and her mom at minneapolis and drove them the rest of the way. 

It was amazing! WEll, that is, except for the tornado warning on the first night! Yes, I said Tornado Warning, as in being woken up by an alarm at 1:00 in the morning and driven down to a cold, clammy LEAKY basement. At 2:something, we went back to our rooms. Great welcome. 

The convention was run well, The Campus was great (well, the buildings were very far apart) and the food was good. I had ice cream every day. 

On the first day (tuesday), I participated in Swimming Olympika, a competitive swimming competition which counts for Overall sweepstakes points at the Convention (BTW, for Sweepstakes, 1st= 10 points, 2nd=8, and so on down to 5th). I did not do very well. Then we stayed up until 12:30 for fellowship, where we found out that Virginia had Lady "VAVA" shirts as a parody of Lady Gaga, who was portrayed on the shirt as a Cyclops. Ha ha. WE even had a spirit cheer singing Bad Romance!    

The next day, we one the first day of Spirit. We ended up winning overall spirit. 

There were also some Creative ARts that day. Then the days flew by, I participated in lots of stuff, and got to know some really nice people. And most of them were people I just hadn't gotten to know from Virginia!

Everybody was amused by the daily Convention Ear, published by the Indispensable Senior Classical league, and we are all grateful to their staying up all night to make the convention run smoothly. 

To see about Certamen results, check the Certamen page.

I did moderately well at the Convention. For more information, check out NJCL.ORg

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