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Which of the following did the  British natives notdo when Caesar arrived?
a) Stand on a hill from which they could throw missiles down onto the Romans
b) Keep the Romans from entering
c) Tell the Romans to bring them something to drink or they would all die!
d) have horses from which they could fight while the Romans couldn't
Literally translated, this animal is a 'cow with the form of a deer'. But Caesar reports that there was one horn protruding from the forehead of this strange beast!
The answer to last week's question is...
Alright, here is the next Certamen question of the Week!
Question: In Caesar's Commenarii de Bello Gallico, what is odd about the "Bos cervi figura?"
Each week I will try to post a question that I have heard and think is really good and you can try to figure out the answer! The next week I will post the answer, and you can check if you are right.

Question of the week: "Noli Turbare Meos Circulos" would be the Latin rendering of whose last words?
Hi there! The Classical Cottage School Certamen is the day after Tomorrow! It will be fun! Everyone who is going please comment on this post afterward to say what you did and how it went!
 Certamen, the Latin word for Struggle, is a Great Latin Competition where student try to answer questions as fast as they can about Roman History, Roman Culture, Classical Mythology, and best of all...Latin Grammar! And when you get into the higher levels of Latin, you get to (Big and scary) Ancient Literature!! There are twenty Tossup questions in each round, each worth five points. If you signal in first, and answer the question right, your team gets a chance to answer a Bonus Question worth five points. At most Certamina (Plural of Certamen) There are three preliminary rounds, with three teams playing against each other at a time; and then the top three teams play against each other in a Finals Match. Certamen is a great way to test your knowledge and speed. I love it!